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Renaissance Faires:
Other Ports of interest:
More Musical Folk:
The Crimson Pirates - More Musical Pirates - NY Based
Cat Pedini - Infamous writer of Filk and other Fun Parodies- just an overall talented lass!
Rick Nestler a.k.a. Phillip Hole- Singing Gravedigger - Songs of Death, Dying, & Death
The Reelies - A Truly Talented Duo of Celtic Musicians
Three Pints Shy - An Amazing Irish Folk-Rock Band
The Pyrates Royale - Even More Musical Pirates - PA Based
Rusty Cutlass - Yet Even MORE Musical Pirates - FL Based
Bounding Main - Did we mention there are a lot of musical pirates?
The Corsairs - And still yet, even more, musical pirates....

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More Interesting folk:
Chris as Captain Jack   - The Tri-State's Premiere Impersonator!
Costumes and accessories:
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