Are also known as The Roving Blades depending on what
port they are in... This scurvy crew... (or is it just a crew with
scurvy...?) are a veritable Pirate Partridge Family! Featuring
two brothers, a mother, a husband, and a crew of close
friends, they have come together to carry on the proud
tradition of maritime, Celtic and American folk music.
Featuring Captain Henry Martin, his first mate
Mary-Ellen-Carter Troxel, his brother Ricky, his mother Mary,
and very often the dread-pirate drummer Styx.
Combining backgrounds in musical theatre, folk music,
classical, and rock and roll, this group has cultivated a
unique sound and presence that compliments their
ever-expanding repertoire. Performing songs both new and
old, shanties to ballads,
The Pirates of the Cape/The
Roving Blades
are a bright new sail on the sea of Pirate and
maritime music!
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The Roving Blades, Musical Pirate Band