Christopher Leidenfrost  Vocals, Concertina, Guitar
A Pirate's Life for Me... quite literally!  But when I'm NOT
being a pirate I also perform in regional theatre all around
the tri-state area. Some past roles include Nathan
Thrill Me: The Leopold and Loeb Story,
Lancelot du Lac Camelot, Hero A Funny Thing...,  Laurie
Little Women, Javert Les Miserables, Mendel Falsettos,
Richard Henry Lee 1776, Pilate JC:SS, and many others.
For a full professional resume, you can click,
Besides singing and acting I also paint and design and
construct costumes.
Tom Leidenfrost  Vocals, Percussion
Tom is finishing up High School and pursuing an
up-and-coming theatrical career. Some past roles
include Sir Sagramore
Camelot, Giles Corey The
, Uncle Vanya No Rubles, Just Troubles,
and Protean
A Funny Thing...Forum.  
Jean Leidenfrost Vocals, Guitar, Percussion,
Keeper of the "Shakey Egg" and "Scrapey
Jean often times is found wondering... am I really
singing about beer and naked mermaids with my
two sons?